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Support Your Local Restaurants: Don't Use Third-Party Delivery Apps

As a locally owned and operated restaurant, we take great pride in providing our community with delicious food and exceptional service.

Apps such as DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, and GrubHub typically charge a commission fee of up to 30% per order, which can add up quickly and make it difficult for us to turn a profit. A $50 order results in a $15 commission leaving the restaurant only $35. That's enough to cover the cost of ingredients and labor to prepare the meal. As a result, we may have to increase our prices on these platforms, which could ultimately hurt our loyal customers who order through these apps.

We understand that these apps are convenient and offer a wide range of options, but we want to encourage our customers to consider the impact of their choices. By ordering directly from us through our website or by phone, you can help support our business and ensure that we can continue to provide you with the quality food and service you deserve.

Not only does ordering directly from us help us financially, but it also allows us to maintain more control over the customer experience. We can ensure that your food is prepared with the highest quality ingredients and packaged with care for delivery or pickup. When you order through third-party apps, we lose some of this control and can't guarantee the quality of the packaging or handling during delivery.

Furthermore, when you order directly from us, you have the opportunity to build a direct relationship with our restaurant. We can get to know your preferences, provide personalized recommendations, and offer special deals or promotions. By ordering through third-party apps, you miss out on these benefits and can't develop a connection with our business.

We understand that everyone has busy lives and ordering through third-party apps can be convenient, but we hope you'll consider the impact of your choices on our small business. By ordering directly from us, you're not only supporting our business, but you're also supporting our local community.

In conclusion, we want to thank you for your support and encourage you to consider ordering directly from us. Together, we can keep our community thriving and support the restaurants that make it so special.


Jeff @ The Ria Pizzeria

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