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Cash Is Still King

As a small business, The Ria Pizzeria understands the importance of every penny earned. Merchant fees, in particular, can significantly impact the bottom line, adding up to thousands of dollars over time. When customers pay with credit or debit cards, the restaurant incurs a processing fee from their payment processor, which is typically a percentage of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee.

Based on a recent study by the National Restaurant Association, the average processing fee for a credit or debit card transaction is around 2-3% of the total sale. For small, independent restaurants that operate on slim margins, these fees can have a significant impact on their finances. For instance, a restaurant that generates $500,000 in annual revenue and processes 90% of its transactions through credit or debit cards can expect to pay over $13,500 in processing fees each year.

To help keep more revenue in the restaurant and support small, independent businesses like The Ria Pizzeria, customers are encouraged to pay in cash. By doing so, they can avoid the processing fees and allow the restaurant to invest in areas such as providing additional benefits, upgrading equipment, purchasing high-quality ingredients, and hiring more staff to improve customer service. This can also keep menu prices down.

In addition, by paying in cash, customers show their support for independent restaurants and help keep them in business. These businesses are often owned and operated by people who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to serving their communities. By avoiding the processing fees associated with credit and debit card transactions, customers can help ensure that these businesses can continue to thrive and provide high-quality food and service to their customers.

In summary, paying in cash when buying from independent restaurants like The Ria Pizzeria can significantly reduce the financial burden of processing fees, which can have a significant impact on their bottom line. By supporting local businesses, customers can help these businesses invest in their operations and provide better service and high-quality food to the community. So, the next time you visit The Ria Pizzeria or your favorite local restaurant, consider paying in cash and help support your community.


Jeff Mauldin

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