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10 Must-Do Activities in Huntington Beach: A Guide to the Surf City

Updated: Mar 9

  1. Surf's Up! Rent a surfboard and hit the waves at Surf City USA, the most popular beach in Huntington Beach.

2. Visit the International Surfing Museum to learn about the history and culture of surfing.

3. Take a stroll along the Huntington Beach Pier, which stretches 1,850 feet into the ocean and offers stunning views of the coast.

4. Watch the pros compete at the U.S. Open of Surfing, the largest surf competition in the world.

5. Explore the Central Park to see its beautiful gardens, picnic areas, and sports fields.

6. Visit the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, a protected wetland home to numerous species of birds and other wildlife.

7. Enjoy a sunset at the Huntington Dog Beach, where your furry friends can run and play in the waves.

8. Visit the Shipley Nature Center to learn about the natural history of the area and see various species of plants and animals.

9. Try your hand at fishing from the pier or book a fishing charter to catch some bigger fish.

10. End the day with a delicious Detroit Style Pizza from The Ria Pizzeria on Main Street.

With its endless stretches of sandy beaches, warm weather, and perfect waves, Huntington Beach is a must-visit destination for all beach lovers and thrill-seekers. Whether you want to surf, sunbathe, or just enjoy the ocean views, there's something for everyone in Surf City USA.

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